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OCTOBER'S CONTENT (late harvest)

October plans appropriate for the older kindergartner 

This month's handwork for mom (see video clips - these are included in our program)
week one: silk/muslin dyeing
week three: nut cap people
extra: quiet book

Circle Time

Opening verse:

The earth is firm beneath my feet,
The sun shines bright above
And here stand I so straight and strong,
All things to know and love

Blow wind blow,
And go mill go,
That the miller may grind his corn.
So the baker may take it,
And into bread make it,
And bring us a loaf in the morn. (A great verse for bread baking) *A Child's Seasonal Treasury 

Autumn showers, Autumn rain, wash the apples clean again, wash the apples clean again. (Patterson & Meyerkort) 

Like a leaf or a feather
In the windy Autumn weather
We twirl a-round and twirl a-round
And all float down to-gether.

**A word for those that don't have a stash of wooden toys yet, do not worry!  It took us years to build up our supply.  Use what you have on hand.  If you are handy with a saw, make your own. If you only have little plastic toys, use those!  This is about the love and fun you are having with your child. 

** For families with smaller children (infant to age 3 or 4) You can begin to keep a loose rhythm just by setting aside a good weekly rhythm of when to bake, when to shop and run errands, etc. See our rhythm section in the Mom Lessons. This month you can focus on building up the nature table for yourself, getting comfortable with it and building up your supply of foundations for it like silks or cotton bases. This is a perfect time for you to be learning the basics of handwork - think of how good you will be at it by the time your children are older! Use your voice!  Sing, sing, sing! Also, once they are old enough for stories, rather than changing the story weekly, keep a story going for a full month until they are five.  Remember to keep it all very simple.

**A materials list accompanies each week.

Week three (animal) - Super Sam visits his friends
Day 1: Tell story (below) Build the scene with toys and play together. Begin boats (explanation below) 
Day 2: Tell story again, use toys as props. Baking could be some sort of harvest type bread, some ideas below. If it pleases you, bake some for your neighbors. 
Day 3: Tell story again, let your child help if they want. Painting day. Continue with red and yellow, remember this is not a lesson. 

This week Super Sam prepares for the last outdoor forest party before the weather turns colder. (*Mom, the animals will all gather for a lantern walk next month, but the party for that will be in Super Sam's house) Jack Frost will be trying to nip noses here soon so everyone is looking forward to one last big party outside. All of the garden has been harvested and Super Sam's pantry is full of corn and wheat and many yummy things to eat all winter long. His favorite is sweet corn bread. 

Super Sam bakes a big batch of corn bread and wraps a piece up neatly for each of his forest friends along with a note that says:
"Dear friends, please join me next week on All Hallows Eve for our late Harvest festival. Bring you favorite treat to share. No tricks please." 

Super Sam climbed into his little boat and delivered one to each of the nut families. He also took one to Mr. Squirrel and one to Mrs. Horsey. He took one to Mrs. Hedgehog, one to the fox family and even though he worried about the smell, he also took one to Mr. Skunk. He saved the last piece for his father and stopped at his little cottage on the way home. With all of his invitations delivered, Super Sam came home, gave Lola some lettuce and built a fire in his fireplace. He sat down in his favorite chair and began to knit a new pair of socks. Jack Frost would be here soon and Sam did not want to have cold toes.

This week on the nature table... This is the animal week. Is there anything from one of your daily walks that you could add to the table from the animal kingdom? A feather maybe? If not, this is a perfect time to give a little wooden animal as a gift - I often will use the nature table to introduce something new like a new little friend. I also have simple things that can go on the table like a bird's nest or a candle in the shape of a hedgehog. Be creative - remember that this isn't a time to feel badly about what you don't have or haven't collected, improvise! Use what you do have, be happy with and proud of the home you have built. Remember that if you are new to Waldorf, transition takes time.

Our Favorite Cornbread (from The Waldorf Book of Breads)

1 cup sifted all purpose flour
1/4 cup sugar 
4 t. baking powder 
3/4 t. salt 
1 cup yellow corm meal 
2 eggs 
1 cup milk 
1/4 cup shortening 

Sift flour together with sugar, baking powder, and salt. Stir in corn meal. Add eggs, milk, and shortening. Beat with a rotary or electric mixer until just smooth (approximately 1 minute). Do not over beat. Pour into a greased 9x9 pan. Bake 425* for 12 to 15 minutes. 

Handwork idea together...make boats! Super Sam crossed the river in a little boat just big enough for him. We were inspired by an article in Living Craft Magazine (Summer 2011) The minute Sam saw the boats he begged us to make him one. The design is very simple and children can help. At this age, a parent or an older sibling needs to do the cutting with the saw, but your kindergartner can do some of the sanding, drawing and sealing (with wax wood polish). 

In preparation...In preparation for next week's forest party and for your nature table, make some little gnomes with a small amount of felt, some pipe cleaners, a wooden ball head and a cap. Please be careful if you have littler ones as these could be a choking hazard. 

Also, read through (and memorize if you can) the little poem "Gnome King" (below) so you can recite it to your child in the next portion of the story.

"Gnome King" - S. Jarman

Good friends you have more work to do, 
For yonder on the earth I know Summer is fading and the winds do blow. 
Your next task is with seeds so small, 
To see them safely in the hall, Away from Jack Frost who would do them harm. 
My Queen and I await them.

Week three materials:
For handwork ~ Small pieces of felt ~ Pipe cleaners (cotton preferred, they can be obtained usually through smoke shops if you can’t find them  on line or at the craft store) ~ Nut caps ~ Small wooden bead head

For recipes ~ Flour ~ Sugar ~ Salt ~ Baking powder ~ Yellow corn meal ~ Eggs ~ Milk  ~ Shortening

Paints, crayons or modeling material Paper for drawing/painting

The program also includes video content of the circle songs with the actions and tunes so you know just how to sing them! 

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